Tejano 360 Network has added “Chicana Chisme” to its streaming programs.  “ Chicana Chisme” is currently a podcast hosted by Tori E. The podcast brings different experiences of chicanos and latinos from around the US, some history, and those hush, hush topics never spoken of.

S1 E20

Guest: Krystle Elizabeth, a Plus Size Latina fashion & lifestyle influencer.

S1 E19

Guest: Dezynr owner, Nadia Ramon. Dezynr is a line of colorful and creative polymer clay earrings.

S1 E18

Guest: Patrick Wilbanks and Daniel Villareal. The conversation is about the importance of life insurance.

S1 E17

Guest: Latina millennial mom and TikTok La Mera Mera Mom, Lorena Herrera.

S1 E16

Guest: Tejano Bedroom Pop artist Bob Ram

S1 E15

Guest: Lauren Cortez, a military-centered health researcher and PhD student. Ms. Cortez has 13+ years of experience in military suicide prevention, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), military sexual trauma (MST), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and military caregiving.

S1 E14

Guest: Humberto “Bert” Lopez, Tejano Next generation radio owner/host. Mr. Lopez and his siblings are Lopez Broadcasting, owners of multiple radio stations throughout Texas and New Mexico.

S1 E13

Guest: Melissa Vera-Williamson, Latina PR veteran, podcaster, multicultural marketing expert, and author. Ms. Vera-Williamson is the Chief Communication Architect/Founder of MVW Communications and “Smart Talk Public Relations Essentials All Pros Should Know” author.

S1 E12

Guest: Mercedes Bristol, Texas Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Founder/Executive Director. Ms. Bristol is a single grandmother raising five adopted grandchildren who became an advocate for grandparents raising grandchildren at City, State, and Federal levels.

S1 E11

Guest: TikTok sensation Jose Zamorano aka “JoseNotJuan”

S1 E10

Guest: Multi-hyphenated artist Angelica Alcoser, lead vocalist/founder for cover band Velvet and rising Tejano artist. Angelica discusses the many roles she undertakes in the music industry.

S1 E09

Guest: Ph.D. candidate Erica Martinez who currently teaches at the Dominican University. This episode discusses gender pay gap.

S1 E08

Guest: UTSA Mexican American Studies professor Sylvia Mendoza, Ph.D. She initiated the West Side Community Pantry in 2020. Ms. Mendoza is also one of two UTSA professors preserving the San Antonio’s West Side’s musical heritage through “The West Side Sound Oral History.”

S1 E07

Guest: Sandra Gonzalez-Lamb, Talent Hatched founder. Talent Hatched helps cultivate a year-round talent pipeline to local youths.

S1 E06

Guest: Salena Guipzot, The Boardroom Project founder and Casa Guipzot (Vinos de México) owner

S1 E05

Guest: Geremy Landin, Storytelling Content Manager and Oral Historian

S1 E04

Guest: Lexie Rodriguez, Tejano Tik Tok and KLMO 98.9 FM DJ co-host

S1 E03

Guest: Eric Velasquez, Alamo City Agenda podcast host and community leader

S1 E02

Guest: Luis “Ferocious Luey” Villarreal, boxer, promoter, and gym owner

S1 E01

 Guest: Natasha Gonzales with Norteño 210