Tejano Next” has been relaunched. The program previously showcased music videos by Tejano music artists. Tejano music has evolved and so has the show. “ Tejano Next” will focus on featuring Tejano Next generation artists and their music by interviewing these performers.



S1 E9

Guest: Demmi Garcia

S1 E08

Guest: Miguelito Hernandez

S1 E07

Guest: EZ Cin

S1 E06

Guest: Savannah V

S1 E05

Guest: Emanuel J and Emiliano Guana

S1 E04

Guest: Zeke Campos, Conjunto Cats accordionist

S1 E03

Guest: Jenny B

S1 E02

Guest: Alizé Niño

S1 E01

Guest: Eric Lee

S1 Siggno

Guest: Siggno