“Tejano Today” is an English/Spanish speaking program with a host and two (2) guests. The show is an original idea aimed at creating a dialog for the revival of Tejano music. The host will lead the discussion with the guests on topics such as:

What is “Tejano”? Is it a culture, the music, or both?

Is Tejano dying? Is it being passed to the next generations?

What are the differences of Tejano at its peak in the 90s and today?

What is the accessibility to Tejano music? TV? Radio? Shows/concerts? Social media?


The host is Francisco Chapa. He was raised on Tejano music and grew up listening to his uncles’ music, the founding members of Tierra Tejana (Hijas de Don Simon ), to assisting in the management of a family-owned night club. He has worked with La Mafia and Los Tigres del Norte as a technician as well as with Grupo Fama and Stefani Montiel as a stage musician. Francisco has also produced and recorded Johnny Arreola (Los Palominos) and Javier Galvan (Grupo Fama) just to name a few. In addition, he is also an audio engineer and songwriter. He brings personal experiences to the conversation.