Tejano Today” is an English/Spanish speaking program with a host and two (2) guests. The show is an original idea aimed at creating a dialog for the revival of Tejano music. Tejano Today is hosted by the multi-talented award-winning Tejano artist, Shelly Lares. Each program will have two invited guests (veteran and newcomer) to discuss different topics regarding the Tejano genre. Subjects such as:

What is “Tejano”? Is it a culture, the music, or both?
Is Tejano dying? Is it being passed to the next generations?
What are the differences of Tejano at its peak in the 90s and today?
What is the accessibility to Tejano music? TV? Radio? Dances/Concerts? Social media?



S1 E06

Guests: Crystal Torres and Alicia C

S1 E05

Guests: Ram Herrera and Aisha

S1 E04

Guests: David Farias and Emanuel J

S1 E03

Guests: Sunny Sauceda and Angelica Alcoser

S1 E02

Guests: David Marez and Cristelo

S1 E01

Guests: Patsy Torres and Gabriella Martinez