Tejano  Late Night with Alec Gomez” is an English/Spanish speaking program featuring Tejano celebrity interviews in an intimate but informal setting. The program is hosted by Alec Gomez, a member of the award-winning Tejano band,  Sunny Sauceda y Todo Eso.

S2 E12

 Guest: Shelly Lares

S2 E11

 Guest: DJ Kane

S2 E10

 Guest: Monica Saldivar

S2 E09

 Guest: Robbie Esparza

S2 E08

 Guest: Rebecca Valadez

S2 E07

 Guest: Aaron Holler

S2 E06

 Guest: Mario O

S2 E05

 Guest: Percy Cardona

S2 E04

 Guest: Anjelique (Anjelique & the Sweet City Band)

S2 E03

 Guest: Miguel Hernandez

S2 E02

 Guest: Ray Ray

S2 E01

 Guest: Ram Herrera